Guest room art

I was looking to spruce up our guest bedroom and while there were a few pieces of art work up on the walls, it was pretty mismatched and I didn't like how they looked together, maybe it was the mismatching. Anyways I found the cutest and pretty cheap do it yourself art on another blog the other day. 

So during my lunch hour I beelined it over to Michael's to pick up all my supplies. You need to purchase two canvases of the same size and lo and behold a package of two canvases were an extra 40% at Michael's, score! I purchased a 1 can of spray paint, color, hyacintha which is a lilac color, you will need two contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect. The other color I used was the claret color I used for my planter box. You need doilies too for this project, if you can two or three different size doilies. Also for this project you will need some scotch tape to lay the doilies flat on the canvases. Once you have everything then you are ready to start.

Lay the two canvases side by side on some newspaper so the spray paint doesn't color the cement.

Then spray both canvases with the bottom color, this color will not be the primary color once the project is completed so remember that, whatever color you want to show most, use this color last.

Once your bottom color has dried then lay out your doilies in a creative way, some of the doilies I had I cut the center circle out of them and just left the design just to add variety to my doilies.

Kip was interested in what I was doing :-)
As you can see I left some of the doilies off the canvases and used scotch tape to keep the doilies attached to the canvases during the second spraying of the claret color I used. Be sure to really attach the the doilies to the canvases but not so tightly because once the second color has been sprayed off you will remove the doilies shortly after and not let them dry with the second coat of paint. If you do let them dry, then you will have a mess trying to remove them and your d.i.y artwork won't have the affect you are wanting. 

Spray the second color you bought onto the canvases. 

As you can tell I have already removed the doilies after spraying the second color on and this is the effect you get from using the doilies. Let the color dry completely and hang in whatever room your heart desires. I hung mine in my guest bedroom and was hoping to have this project completed by today because my cousin (we joke we are fraternal twins because our mothers are identical twins) arrives today to visit me for the weekend!! 

I am extremely looking forward to this weekend and the plans that my cousin and I have arranged. I get to leave this area and explore a new area, visit the Santa Monica's farmers market which I have always wanted to do and just have fun with one of the greatest girl who is near and dear to my heart!!

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