White pants

In a previous post I asked if anyone of you had busted out the white pants to follow the very traditional white pants are in season between Memorial and Labor Day, and I mentioned I tend to break that rule especially in California. Now that it is officially in between those two holidays, I am all about the white pants this summer season. Not sure why but I have suddenly become obsessed, thinking and planning of all these outfits that can go with white pants. Why do I love white pants so, I think because whatever I am wearing on the top it seems so much brighter, the white pants give the extra *pop* in my outfit.

Before I continue though I feel I must mention what my summer wardrobe would consist of jeans jeans and jeans. Not jean shorts, not jean skirts or even jean capris, it was straight jeans. Why? Because I was hiding, I hid my what I thought was my unfaltering legs, I was hiding my body. Recently, I have become more comfortable with how I look and what God has given me and now I am celebrating it by wearing shorts, skirts and white pants! Gosh, am I boring you to death and killing the theme, white pants.

Here is three inspirations I created with white pants over Polyvore, check it out!

another white pant creation 

Coral, Turqouise outfitcasual white pants

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Erin said...

I love all of these outfits!! They are exactly my style! I've been wearing my white pants for a few weeks now because it is just so hot in NC. Thanks for the great ideas on more tops to wear with them :)