The influence of a father

Do you have a good relationship with your dad? What was something that he taught you? A skill? A talent? Did he help you with your math homework and stick with it until you got it?
That is why I love this video of Chloe Kim, the Olympic gold medalist and her dad. 
That is what my dad did for me, helped instill a love of running. Now I'm not winning any Olympic medals in running but I still enjoy running to this day and that is a direct result of my dad and I running together every morning senior year of high school. If it weren't for my dad and us running together, who knows how things would be different in my life.
And yes my husband is a university cross country and track and field coach and many people think he inspired me to start running. But it was because of my dad that Sean and I bonded over our like of running. 
Thank your dad for the investment he made in your life!