House project!

With my Sean improving the background, I caught the home improvement bug. The first project I did was repaint our coffee table and two end tables. All there are a black metal with a glass top and I felt the black made our living room too dark and I wanted to lighten up the room and enhance the natural light that comes through our two sliding glass doors. Off to buy spray paint I went and selected a cream color and the finished project was wonderful. The new color of the coffee and end table definitely improved the overall feel and mood of the room. It goes to prove that home improvements don't have to cost a ton, paint a little here or there and voila, a new room!
As mentioned last week, my Sean brought home a planter that some lady was getting rid of. During our trip to Home Depot to purchase flowers and soil for the planter, I spied the planter, made of cedar wood, for over $40. I love great finds like this for free! With two cans of spray paint and a new bottom, we made this planter box new! Here is a photo before the project began.

After my Sean nailed the new bottom, I washed down the planter to remove some of the older roots and some of the dust that had collected. Then once the planter dried, I laid it on some plastic so protect the cement underneath from being the same color of paint that the planter would become. Then the spray paint fun began and here are some photos of the progress.

Please pardon the sun and shade contrast I'm still working on improving my photos 
Once the paint had dried, I added soil to the planter and painted the four dahlias purchased last week. I selected four colors, white, a purple, a dark red and an orangeish-yellow. Enjoy the photos of the finished project!

Sean and  Kip watching me as I was planting. 
And finally the flowers are here and all planted!

Have a great day and just keep smiling!

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