The influence of a father

Do you have a good relationship with your dad? What was something that he taught you? A skill? A talent? Did he help you with your math homework and stick with it until you got it?
That is why I love this video of Chloe Kim, the Olympic gold medalist and her dad. 
That is what my dad did for me, helped instill a love of running. Now I'm not winning any Olympic medals in running but I still enjoy running to this day and that is a direct result of my dad and I running together every morning senior year of high school. If it weren't for my dad and us running together, who knows how things would be different in my life.
And yes my husband is a university cross country and track and field coach and many people think he inspired me to start running. But it was because of my dad that Sean and I bonded over our like of running. 
Thank your dad for the investment he made in your life!

February 14

Happy Love Day!!!

smelling like a pizza

If you know anything about my family or our health or my business, you know that I have run a successful essential oil business for almost 4 years. It gives my family freedom. It gives my family better health. It gives me the freedom to stay at home with my children. It gives us less toxic products that make us feel better. 
I want to share more about oils, how you can benefit from them, as well as clean make-up, supplements, and other common household products that are less toxic and plant-based. Why? Because you and your family are WORTH IT. 
E V E R Y. D A Y. we apply these four oils every day. Why every day? To boost our immune system. To give our bodies the best chance at keeping and staying healthy. And guess what maybe these oils are actually doing what I have been saying for almost F O U R years because my family has stayed healthy and flu free this winter season. The power of plant juice!
Oh and if you understand the title of this post, applying Oregano makes you very much smell like a pizza or an Italian restaurant and it is keeping you healthy so keep applying!

Another meal plan Monday

Here is this week's dinner menu for you to ponder for next week or add into your dinner schedule this week if you don't have any ideas yet!
Monday - crock pot short ribs over polenta and sautéed spinach 
Tuesday - THE curry (we call it the curry because it simply needs no other explanation, it is delicious, smells wonderful and easy since it is cooked all day in the crock pot)
Wednesday - gluten free spaghetti, salad and green beans
Thursday - BBQ chicken, salad 
Friday - leftovers or tends to be pizza night in the Henning home!
Let me know if you want any of the recipes!

Meal Plan Monday

Need some help with your dinner meal planning? I am sharing our menu that we had last week. Interested in the recipes? I would be happy to share! I hope you get some inspiration, some renewed desire to make meals for your family. For my family, I keep our meals simple and healthy.

Monday - oyakyudon (Japanese chicken and egg dish) and miso soup
Tuesday - lemon chicken tomato pasta, Caesar salad, side of peas
Wednesday - birthday dinner
Thursday - Japanese beef curry
Friday - leftovers or pizza