Beach vacation

Earlier in the month, the whole family headed down to the beach for a few days of sand, surf and relaxation. I can't say sun because it never came out the entire time but that is typical for June in southern California, the June gloom as they call it. But it still made for great beach weather. 
The place we rented was one block from the beach. I wanted to get as close to the beach as we possibly could and 1 block was perfect.

Between sinking our feet into the sand every single day to seeing a few friends for dinners while we were in Oceanside, the week was great and a perfect catch up time after the busiest time of the year for us all. Plus the beach is my happy place!
Here are some photos from our trip!

 Don't be impressed, we didn't build this sand castle. We just saw it while talking a walk on the beach one morning.

Beach flora

Where do you like to take your family for a trip? Beach or mountains?

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