Baby Registry Items

We are in the depths of all things children! We are constantly changing diapers then outfits because either Kate spit up or pooped or the spit up landed on me so an outfit change for her or I. It is hard but we are loving our newest addition to our family. She is perfect, cute and we feel complete with her!

As a second time mom, I have my list of must haves for every mom, whether first or experienced. Some of my favorite baby items I would definitely tell you to register for because they have helped me so much for example a swaddle sleepsack. I pop Kate into the pre-made swaddle, wrap one piece of fabric over both arms and then secure her arms down with the fabric on the other side of the swaddle. It keeps her safe and secure all night long and I don't have to fuss in the middle of the night with a large swaddle, the ones that are put together already are a lifesaver!

Some essentials as any parent knows are diapers and wipes. You go through all different sizes or even different brands to find out what diapers will keep all that poop and pee inside the diapers. You know what diapers I am loving with my second kid especially with their adorable prints, the Honest diapers! You can get your Honest diapers and wipes at Baby R Us too now so while you are registering for that perfect stroller, the safest car seat and other baby essentials, register for some Honest diapers and wipes too from The Honest Company.

Want some more of my must have baby items I highly recommend you put on your registry? Check out my following suggestions!


Jen said...

I wish E liked the sleep sacks, she never got comfortable in them.

Jillian said...

we LOVE honest diapers + wipes! xo jillian - cornflake dreams