Ninja Bread Houses

Earlier this week, the Henning family had their first annual ninjabread house decorating party. Caleb calls it ninjabread house instead of gingerbread so that why ninjabread house. With several graham crackers, homemade royal icing (super easy by the way only three ingredients, way cheaper than store bought frosting) and lots of candy, we were ready to make our houses. 

We started with a simple four sided wall, a top then two pieces making a triangle for the roof. The royal icing dried fast which helped hold the house up. Between the marshmallows on the top, the Mike and Ikes, some gummy bears, Caleb's ninjabread was done.

 I was working on my house in the same fashion, which Sean took to make his ninjabread house more like a castle. 

Has it been hard to keep Caleb away from the houses especially to not eat all the candy off of it? You bet! So you tell me what are you doing with your family to enjoy the Christmas season? Any new traditions you are starting this year? 


chantal marie said...

So cute! We do gingerbread houses too. Also, elf on the shelf. We also do a Santa thing and the kids always get an ornament, a book and Xmas jammies. We also make treats for all our neighbors and deliver them so we can meet them all and teach the kids about acts of kindness. Wow! I didn't realize we had so many traditions!!

Callie said...

Ah, too cute! We were supposed to make a gingerbread house this last weekend, but we all came down with a stomach bug. :-( We'll have to try to squeeze it in somewhere else now!

Allison said...

Ninja bread house!!! I LOVE it! Haha. And I always buy the kits, but now I'm asking myself, WHY?! You are so savvy. Haha.