Why blog?

I started my blog, henning love years ago after following and reading them myself for a few months. Then it dawned on me, why can't I have a blog and get to know other bloggers on that level? Also at the time of when I started my blog, I needed a creative outlet. I was working a 40 hour work week, my husband was an assistant coach at a university with weird hours and weekend hours so I needed something to fill my time and make my own. So that is what I started out to do, fulfill my need to create and to make a space my own, in which I would share the things that I liked, enjoyed or was important to me. 
My blog always included desserts I would make on a weekly basis for a small group through our church my husband and I attended. We couldn't eat all those desserts by ourselves every week after all. I enjoyed posting some of my favorite fashion finds although my fashion sense was evolving and becoming what I call today a capsule wardrobe if you have heard of the term. 
Through 10 months of unemployment, my blog remained consistent work, something to keep me excited, energized and give me drive as the rejections after interviews appeared. Eventually a job was offered but it was a brief period until Caleb arrived. Then blogging became harder as I was struggling to find out my new role as a mom but didn't want to allow my blog to completely become a mommy blog. There is nothing wrong with mommy blogs, I didn't want henning love to become a full-fledge mommy blog so I could still have my space as me before I become a mom. During some harder months when blogging became more frequent after becoming a mom, my blog was very helpful to my family. Slowly, I have returned to somewhat more full-time blogging. It isn't the 5 posts a week like I did when I first started, but it is becoming more frequent and my outlet between being a wife, a mom, owner of an essential oil business and all the other roles I fulfill on a daily basis. 
I love also seeing my former blog friends return to blogging as well. Or current friends start up their own blog! 
Blogging is enjoyable to me. It also has been and rarely did it feel like a chore or what am I going to write about today struggling staring at a blank page although yes sometimes that has happened in the past.
If you blog, why do you blog or what keeps you blogging?


Jen said...

Blogging is definitely one of my favorite things, it's so fun to connect with other people.

Tiara Wasner said...

Love this!

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Glad that you are back to blogging and getting back into the groove of it. I blog because it is fun to get my creative side going and talk about stuff I love and meeting new people, like you :)