a2 Milk® for a delicious afternoon snack!

“This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

Back to school is going to be here faster than you realize it or know it! Honestly hasn't the summer just flown by! Want a great way to get your kids ready for another school year by getting their brain and bodies with all the learning that will happen? Protein! A great way to get protein is with a2 Milk® which contains 8 times more protein than almond non-dairy alternative beverages. Potassium is also necessary for all bodies growing or already grown and a2 Milk® has almost 6 times more potassium than rice non-dairy beverages. Why am I mentioning these alternative non-dairy beverages? For those people who suffer from digestive discomfort from consuming regular milk but a2 Milk® is different, it allows you to consume actual milk without the tummy troubles.

When I need an afternoon snack, instead of some sweet or salty, honestly I reach for a glass of it. It fills me up with calcium an protein to keep me full til dinner! Or I am wanting a bit more a yummy bowl of cereal and milk! How do you like add for a snack? Plain in a glass? With a cookie? In a bowl of cereal?

Feel comfortable knowing that if you do suffer from tummy troubles but really enjoy the taste of cows milk, a2 Milk® is your solution since it is real cows milk straight from the cow that doesn't contain the protein that causes the tummy troubles that regular milk contains.

Where does the a2 Milk® come from exactly besides the cow obviously? The a2 Milk Company™has farms in upstate New York and in the Midwest and they are expanding their herds!
So head to the store to pick up this delicious milk knowing that you won't have to worry about tummy troubles from enjoying a nice, cold glass as an afternoon snack or pairing with a cookie!

So enjoy that glass of milk plain or with that perfect pairing and say goodbye to tummy troubles with a2 Milk®!

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