If you are curious by the title of this post, no I have never watched the show. Have you? 
Anyways, last week my family if you caught up on Instagram or guessed here on my post, we headed to Portland for a vacation as a family. Just us three from Monday-Saturday and it was wonderful. It was a goal turned reality trip actually. I wrote in February 2015 at an oils conference, it was a family goal to trip to Portland on a family vacation. It didn't happen int he year I wrote it but that is ok, we still wanted to fulfill our goal some time so last week it was and sometimes I was still in awe the goal came true. 

Traveling with a toddler, by the way, not a big deal. Just allow a little extra time. Have a few extra snacks on hand and smile through it all. 
This is a trip recap and tomorrow I will give you kid friendly things and good places to eat at in Portland. 
Here are a few things we visited or did while in Portland and the surrounding area.

Multnomah Falls, also check out Wahkeena Falls which is only 0.5 mile hike away

Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Zoo

Washington Park

Downtown Portland

Tomorrow I'll be sharing what places we recommended that we at


Jen said...

What an amazing trip! One day I would love to visit Portland, my cousin lives there and raves about it.

Tiara Wasner said...

Love portland! Hope you visited the food trucks, salt & straw, stump town coffee, etc.!

Allison said...

I've never been to Portland, but I hear lots of things about the donuts! Looks like you had so much fun! Caleb's little smile in that second pic...so cute!!!