The weekly meal menu...

I'm here to share with you again my weekly dinner menu! Last week I mentioned usually we go through the meals as I had planned and then some weeks are harder like this week. On Sunday we were at a BBQ for my husband's team and there was plenty of BBQed chicken left which we were given to take home. Rather than just reheat the chicken for dinner, I am cutting it up and sprinkling it on pizza for BBQ chicken pizza. Therefore, what I had planned for dinner last night originally will be pushed back a night and another dinner I had planned will be on my menu another week. 

So here is my menu:
Monday - BBQed chicken pizza with salad
Tuesday - braised chicken with tomatoes, green beans and kalamata olives, peas, salad
Wednesday - grilled sausage, corn and buttermilk biscuits
Thursday - lets all just further refer to it as THE Curry
Friday - leftovers or going out!

What is your favorite dinner meal to prepare?

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Anonymous said...

I am going to start referring to these posts because they're creative but not insane as in I need to run to a gourmet shop to whip up something "new" for dinner. So basically, thank you! ;)