Monday Meals

Every Sunday, I sit down and I meal plan. That is the only way I found that I can get through the week without heading to the grocery store multiple times, eliminates the stress at 2pm of what are we having for dinner. Additionally I know that we are eating relatively healthy meals plus I plan my meals based on what we have already at home or is on sale at the store meaning I can save a bit of money.
So here is my meal plan for the week!
Monday - chicken skewers, roasted cherry tomatoes and corn on the cob
Tuesday - curried shrimp with rice
Wednesday - grilled sausages, roasted mixed baby squash with feta, peas
Thursday - hamburgers on the grill, salad and fruit
Friday - out!

What did you plan for meals this week? 


Jen said...

With Kyle's job it is so hard to meal plan because I never know when he will be home each night. And cooking for 1 is no fun.

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Can I just come over every night for dinner? Would help me out so much. What is your curry dish recipe?