Crowdsourced Cabernet, your chance to help make a great bottle of wine!

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Did you ever see that I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and an Italian lady are stomping grapes in a vat? Does it ever make you want to participate in the grape stomping process which leads to wine?

 Today's wine making process doesn't involve grape stomping anymore but it does involve you, yup you! Even if you don't live near a vineyard, have access to wine barrels or even grapes, Crowdsourced Cabernet is your chance to select choices that lead to a great bottle of cabernet. So what exactly is Crowdsourced Cabernet? Started in 2014, by Columbia Crest Vineyards, Crowdsourced Cabernet is the opportunity to help create a delicious bottle of wine to serve at your next dinner party or just enjoy a glass by yourself to unwind after a long day. 

Through a series of questions that you, your friends and many other wine drinkers or aficionados vote on how the grapes are tendered, irrigated and harvested. All voting choices are posted at  Want help on how to make your choice? Columbia Crest provides cameras to view the grapes along with weather conditions and updates and seasonal data to help make informed decisions. An acre has been set aside for this fun, people-influenced project by Columbia Crest. This same acre currently growing the grapes for Crowdsourced Cabernet, earned the Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the No. 1 Wine in the World from Wine Spectator magazine in 2009. 

Additionally, Crowdsourced Cabernet is seeking your vote on who their first Executive Crowdsourcing Officer will be, who will be the ambassador for this exciting new venture and work side by side with the head winemaker Juan Munoz-Oca to help create the vintage 2015. 

Do you love all things wine? Do you love to select what wine will accompany what foods for your friends? Do they secretly call you a sommelier? You could be the next Executive Crowdsourcing Officer, and provide an exciting behind the scenes insight into how the winemaking process really, Voting is currently going on now through Monday, August 24 at

Want to learn more about Crowdsourced Cabernet, the questions presented to the community to help create a fantastic bottle of Cabernet or even enter yourself to be the next Executive Crowdsourcing Officer? Visit Columbia Crest Winery's Youtube channel at, their Facebook page or their Instagram
So go help make a bottle of cabernet and don't worry about staining your feet by stomping in the grapes afterwards! 


Anonymous said...

Best. Lucy. Episode. Ever. Wine has sadly been cut from my diet minus the occasional "splurge" once or twice a week. It was out of hand last year and totally changed my weight post-wine (sadly) :)

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

So interesting! Thanks for sharing, Meg! And yes, I love that episode of I Love Lucy!