I mentioned recently Paperless Post here on the blog. Have you checked them out? Don't you think their e-vites are so cute? Do you know that Paperless Post also has actual paper posts in the form of notecards, announcements for births, save the dates, weddings, invitations for summer BBQs, birthday parties, baby showers, ALL which can be personalized

I got some notecards from them recently and if you noticed my recent obsession with macarons then it is no surprise as to what notecards I selected. The notecards came in cute packaging and these notecards are printed on quality paper, and I mean quality, thick, sturdy, easy to write on, quality!
Do you have an idea of a design for an invitation but don't quite see it on paper? Paperless Post awesome designers can work with you to make your invitations or notecards to match your personal style.

One feature that is so helpful too when ordering invitation is having your return address printed on the envelopes, which I requested on my notecards. It is one less thing to do before mailing out your postcards and it looks more fancy!

If you are looking for professional, polished and very tasteful notecards, invitations or announcements, Paperless Post is what I recommend.


Hilary said...

Those are so cute! :-)

birdie to be said...

I love their site! I used them for some of my wedding festivities a few years ago!

Allison said...

The macarons are adorable - good pick! :)