Fuel Your Car Engine with Love

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When you think summer you definitely think of a road trip or two, maybe a longer week away to a beach, to the lake, somewhere special with your family or friends! Where are you traveling this summer? Sean, Caleb and I have a few road trips coming and it is super important that we make sure we get there safely and our car is in good working order, because the last thing you want on a car trip is a call to the tow truck company to take your car to the nearest service station. Having your car frequently serviced for an oil change is super important. I got my car serviced the other day at Walmart with the Platinum Pennzoil package, providing the best clean and protection for my car's engine at a rollback price from $49.88 to $45.88. For less than $50 I can get the best and peace of mind knowing we can travel from point A, our home, to point B, whatever final destination we have in mind while at the same time knowing Pennzoil can help remove sludge left behind from previous car engine oils used. But if you don't need synthetic engine oil, Pennzoil and Walmart still has great options for your car. 

Maybe an oil change is just another errand for you to do but prefer without children, if you have them, because children in a waiting room at a car service place just don't mix. One reason I went get my car serviced with Pennzoil at Walmart was because I could get errands done at the same time. I picked up some Father's Day cards and shopped for a meal I am taking over to a friend who had a baby recently. Plus Caleb is now opening the refrigerator by himself all the time now so I picked up a refrigerator lock too. 

Being able to pick up groceries, diapers or even prescriptions at Walmart even if you need them all while getting your car's oil changed is such a time saver especially before you head out on a road trip. As I previously mentioned, what a kill joy it could be to be waiting on the side of the road for a tow truck to come get your car all because you didn't make it a priority to have your oil changed withe Pennzoil prior to heading out. So get your beach towels, sunscreen, road trip snacks and oil changed all at the same location. What could be more convenient than that!

One feature I really like while shopping is being given a handy  bar code that I could scan in at any price check center around Walmart to find out the status of my car and knowing that when it was done, my name would be called over the intercom. It felt like being on a game show with the announcer proclaiming "Megan, come on down, your car is now ready!!" Now with Pennzoil in my car's engine, we can take an extra road trip if we want because having Pennzoil will give our car an additional 550 miles between oil changes. Now if you had extra 550 miles between oil changes, where would you go on your next road trip?


Jen said...

I wish our walmart did oil changes, it would make life so much easier!

Pamela @ alittleglitter.com said...

This is a great post! I knew Walmart did oil changes but I was not aware of the barcode scanning. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is ideal - especially when you have kids! Love that Walmart has this service to make life easier.

David Dial said...

Great post! We have a roadtrip coming up soon, and I'll have to swing by Walmart before we go. Thanks for sharing! #client

Abraham Yates said...

Everyone deserves a little TLC. This even means your engine of your care. This is N important aspect that the Apache Oil Company takes seriously. They offer a plethora of DIY projects to help others in their time of need whether it be due to a natural disaster or just a knock on your engine.

Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company

Shayne Gustafson said...

I always leave the car stuff to my husband as I know nothing about that stuff. He too does some work on the car before we go on long trips. He also buys his stuff at Walmart. It is by far the cheapest way to go when car shops want hundreds of dollars to do something that costs $20 to do yourself.

Shayne Gustafson @ Berico Heating and Air