A Strong Woman

Stop real quick before you continue reading. Think of a woman you consider a strong woman. Have someone in mind? Good! Now why do you consider her a strong woman? Is it her personality? Is it her circumstances that she pushed through despite all odds she didn't crumble? She kept on keeping on? There are one woman I think of when I think of strong women, and this is one woman I have yet to meet but hopefully will one day. 

The first woman is my friend Whitney, of the blog Black Little Button. That is how I know her only through blogland. Why do I consider her a strong woman? Because her husband served overseas, during the entire time of her pregnancy that resulted in her precious son, Beau being born at 32 weeks and then after that her husband didn't return until her son was 10 months. She did the temporary single mom thing, she did the hard thing of carrying for a baby in the NICU without her husband's physical support and she did the hard thing of bring him home, getting up day after day to care for him without the help of her husband until he returned from serving our country. She is a strong woman because she kept on keeping on. I remember texting her one day asking how do you do it by yourself day after day and her response was I just do it. There was no why me, no pity for herself, she had a baby to care for, a husband who was overseas and she just continued doing what she loved, photography on the side. Want to read more of her story? Check out her blog and her amazing photography skills. 

 Go read her story, view photos of her super cute kids and discover for yourself why I consider her a strong woman!


Jen said...

She is definitely amazingly strong! Such a sweet post!

henning love said...

She is indeed!!

Shelby | Recent Somethings said...

Cheers to her! What an amazing woman. We never know how strong we are sometimes until God tests us. Thanks for sharing, girl! :)

Bri Buzali said...

Definitely the type of people who should be considered strong and courageous by our society, thanks for sharing!