Lowest Price Unlimited Plans and Swimsuits

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Raise your hand if you are a couponing! For me, couponing is a Sunday ritual, pour me a cup of coffee, hand me the coupons and the scissors and let me save some money! I am always looking for  a great deal, doubling up on manufacturers coupons and store coupons. I have been couponing for several years now and over the past year, we as a family have had to coupon a bit more and re-evaluate how money was being spent. One of the easiest areas to slim down is re-evaluating your cellphone plan but without giving up the number of minutes, texts or amount of data you normally use each month. Sound impossible? Read on.

On a recent Saturday I decided to #MarchIntoSavings at Walmart two items on my mind, swimsuits and cellphones. Now I couldn't resist a new swimsuit because here in California it has been in the low 80s and that makes me think what spring break encompasses, swimsuit, pool, sunscreen, and new sunglasses.
Isn't saving money cute?

I also can't resist saving money and helping extend my family's budget. I decided to reassess my family's cell phone plans with #CollectiveBias because some months I look at our cellphone bill and think, "ouch!" As luck would have it because of Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web, I walked out of Walmart with jelly beans AND a new cellphone paying $25 a month for the first line.   I think literally from picking up the phone, getting a new phone number, paying for it all and having my phone set up took all about 10 minutes. What is ideal about the Walmart Family Mobile service is what is on the box is what you get, no annual contract, no deposit, no overage charges. Paying for exactly what your family needs for cellphone service is a key feature of Walmart's Best Plans. Why pay for data if you don't use all the data up each month? Aren't you wasting money each month? The Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Text, Talk&Data, service plan which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data.
Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to Walmart Family Mobile or your local Walmart for current pricing.
Like couponing where I am cutting it out to save money, cut out the waste of cellphone data you are paying for but not using, that reason is enough to make NOW the perfect time to switch to Walmart Family Mobile.

Let's cut the waste out of cellphone bills. 

When trying to save money, every little bit helps so between couponing each Sunday and changing our family's cellphone service plans, the budget won't be as tight so maybe I can afford to get another cute swimsuit just in time for the summer months!
Saving money can be so bright!

Now you tell me, if you were saving money each month by switching your cellphone plan, how would you spend that saved money?
Using Walmart Family Mobile, you can afford to get the cellphone, plus a case and a toy phone, its a win win for mom and baby!


Rachel Lawson said...

I always forget about the great deals that Wal Mart has. The closest Wal Mart is pretty far for us so we never go. I'll keep this in mind and I will def. share it with a few friends who are shopping around for new cell plans!


Anonymous said...

When I get kicked off the Verizon family plan I know where I'll be shopping! In the meantime my data package price of $40 is amazing, but then again, I'm sure Wally World is comparable. ;)

Jen said...

Wal Mart really does have some great deals.

Swimsuits Direct said...
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Kitty Cat said...

I found that another way to save money is growing your own garden. During the summer months my grocery bills have gone down immensely especially for the veggies. We pick up zuchinnis, tomatoe, eggplant, chilis, etc... the veggies I love to cook with. Some nights I only use the veggies from the garden for dinner & Evan loves it!

Kayla MKOY said...

I know this post is about saving money and coupons and such but girl you look amazing!!! Doesn't seem like you've had a little babe at all! :)

Jade Graham said...
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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love they Walmart has options for everyone!