what motherhood means to me

A few months ago I mentioned from time to time I would write about what motherhood means to me and where I am in this journey with Caleb.

Last Monday, Caleb turned 9 months old. That day separation anxiety hit with the combination of hardly napping on Sunday coupled with the time change. Monday and Tuesday were rough days for both of us. Caleb wanted to be held all day, I could barely set him down to get anything done and when I could set him down, I wouldn't be able to leave his sight. I'll admit I might have handed him over to Sean as soon as he came home from work. I needed A LOT of grace and patience during those days. By Friday I needed a babysitter, for an hour, so I could browse the mall and to get a little bit of sanity and found this little number.

I need to remember that while Caleb is wanting me more that there will be one day that he will claim his independence away from him. I need to remember that during the hard days one day he will move out of the house and be on his own. 

With each laugh Caleb gives me it makes those hard days melt away. With each smile, each funny facial expression he provides, he reminds me that even though motherhood is hard, he makes it worth it. God has given me a special boy, a calm boy, an even-tempered boy with a sweet demeanor. 
And look who is standing up on his own!

Motherhood is enjoyable, motherhood is hard, motherhood is special and motherhood is something I would never trade for my old life. 


Sarah said...

Yes, this exactly! I've had those day too my friend, but I definitely wouldn't trade it for anything. He's such a cutie!

Jessica said...

Pretty much sums it up perfectly! This time changes sucks! Beau is up at 6am ugh!

Pamela @ alittleglitter.com said...

Every Mom feels this way at some point. This is totally natural. That being said, your little guy is soooooo freaking cute and huggable. My gosh. He is one of the most adorable babies ever.

Jillian said...

i love your dress! xo jillian

Shelby / Recent Somethings said...

Such a cute dress for sure. Love that little nugget's face!

picklesandchapstick said...

Motherhood is hard. I remember those days of not wanting to be put down. I used just to throw in the towel and not get much accomplished. Charlie is now three and when we're together he still has those days especially after he wakes up. Motherhood is the best job in the world. But it's important that you take time for yourself and I'm glad you were able to get a sitter for an hour so you could get some "you" time :)


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

So true, so so true. That is will go so fast and all of a sudden...empty. It just seems to sad to even comprehend at the moment, but the time change was definitely a doozy in this house and still is working it's evil magic. Amen for husbands.

Jo said...

beautiful, and a great reminder on the hard days, that we'll for certain miss even those days eventually!