Night Out Challenge

Recently, I was asked to create an outfit for an evening out for a busy mom of three while she is visiting Vegas, specifically GhostBar. As a mom of only one, I can already understand the need to get out for an evening. While I love Caleb and want to be around him like all the time, there are times when mom needs a bit of a break. 
Back to the design challenge, there is the reason for the outfit creation.

Help a Mom of Three Find The Perfect Outfit for GhostBar
As busy moms, sometimes we forget that it's important to have a night for ourselves once in a
while. I am a mom of three, which means that I don't have that many nights where I get to feel
like a glamorous princess. Well, it's time for me to have that one special night just for me, and 
I've chosen to do it at the elegant Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. I will be letting loose 
at GhostBar. The only problem is, I have no idea what to wear!
That's where you come in. I've created Kendra's Fashion Challenge so I could get some help 
deciding what I should wear to GhostBar. GhostBar is a totally glitzy, A-list club located inside 
the Palms. GhostBar is located on the 55th floor of the Palms and features a glass-bottomed 
balcony, in addition to an elegant lounge vibe. It's not a dance club, but rather a place where 
you can come to enjoy a cocktail, enjoy the view and take in all the excitement and glamor that 
Las Vegas has to offer.

But I need help deciding what to wear to a place like GhostBar. It isn't a dance club, but it isn't a 
quiet and demure wine bar either. I need something that is fashion-forward and daring, but still 
elegant and sophisticated. Las Vegas is an amazingly fashionable city with a style all its own. 
I want to blend in with the trendsetters and stylish people at GhostBar. Should I keep it simple 
with a little black dress? Should I go more daring and find something with sequins that will make 
me glow and sparkle like the hotels on the Vegas Strip? I need your help to find the perfect 
ensemble for my exciting night out at GhostBar. Help me find the right look that will let this mom 
of three feel like a star for a night.

For a mom who is out for the night sans children, I would wear a sequin dress paired with a fabulous pair of heels. A great night outfit always calls for some fabulous earrings and a clutch to carry only the essentials, a lipstick, a credit card, the phone just in case the kids call to say good night.

kendra's night out

Thoughts on the outfit?


Sarah said...

oh I like the whole outfit! Never thought of using a clutch while in Vegas, goes to show how many times I've been to Vegas! I need to invest in a cute clutch...

Simply LKJ said...

Love the outfit! The pop of color on the shoes is perfect.

Ashley R said...

I love it!!! That dress i perfection.

brooke lyn said...

how fun and sparkly is that dress! great choice.

JumpingJE said...

This really caught my eye. Great unexpected pop with the shoes!

awhite said...

Oooh, I love a good sequined dress- and how PERFECT for Vegas! :)

Missed you 'round the blogging space, doll! So glad to see your name pop up in my comments! :) Hope you and the fam are well!


Elle Sees said...

love the art-deco vibe!! and anything sequins is a win for me! have a great weekend!