Maternity Staples

Here I am 31 weeks and the single digit countdown has begun! 
Today I decided to share some of my maternity staples with you all. These are a few items that without them would have made this pregnancy a teensy bit harder. 

The first maternity staple is the Be Maternity ruched tank found at Target. I have these in grey and white. They have been wonderful to wear and then wear a non-maternity flannel for example that can't be buttoned up anymore. They are super comfortable, don't stretch out and definitely holds its shape. Can't say enough about these tanks.

The second maternity staple has been my sidekick, my mason jar that is always kept full of water. In the car, at the office or just going out and about, this mason jar is constantly with me.

My third maternity staple has been lemonade, especially Chick Fil-a lemonade. I craved this drink during my first trimester.The sourness and the lemony taste kept me going. As the first trimester tapered off, the cravings subsided. I haven't been craving much of anything since then but this lemonade is so good, I have continued to drink it.

Finally, the fourth maternity staple for me has been a box of tissues. Nosebleeds have been unfortunately a constant symptom of pregnancy, it was two a day then tapered off to one. Some times I will get a bloody nose for several days in a row and then they won't be as frequent. Don't worry I brought this up with my OBGYN and he wasn't too concerned at the frequency. 

So there, a few of my maternity staples for you all. Ladies currently pregnancy or previously pregnant, what were some of your maternity staples? Things that surprised you?

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Ashley said...

Ugh I hear ya on the nose bleeds!! They are no fun!! I love lemonade as well, but can't really say it was a craving. But the amount of water I drink now is crazy, it's always by my side!

Carly said...

Man, those nosebleeds are the WORST!!!!

awhite said...

The countdown is ON! :) Happy Monday!


birdie to be said...

You're so cute with your lemonade! :) And those tanks look so comfy!

Lauren said...

Can't believe how fast it's going...those tanks look wonderful, definitely will be checking those out for the next time around!

brooke lyn said...

gimmie all of the lemonade :)

Alexa said...

Very good staples Meg! So funny about the lemonade, the sourness does help ward off that icky morning sickness!