Bachelorette Link-up Bash - The final episode!


Ok last night's episode was the part two conclusion of the previous week's massive heart break as we watched Brooks tell Des, he wasn't feeling that way and didn't see it long term or whatever statements we used. 
Cue to the beginning of the episode last night, Des still has the rose ceremony to complete and after some snuffling, she managed to get through it and give the roses to Drew and Chris obviously. 
Then we had the two remaining dates  starting with Drew. For his date she planned to take him down to the beach on horse and then promptly ended their relationship right there, sending him home crushed and confused as he pointed out. 
Then from there, Des had Chris to hang out with the rest of the episode, hang out all day on a catamaran and realize her feelings for him for more than she originally had thought.
Her family came to meet him, her brother didn't interrogate (at least that we know of) Chris and he even somewhat seemed to give him blessing until he had to bring out how Des was so ga-ga over Brooks earlier in the season.
Fast forward, Des gets hair and make-up done, Chris puts on his suit and takes an extra long time getting out of the car. 
After Chris greets Chris and telling him good luck, Chris, not Harrison, walks toward Des. He starts telling her all these wonderful things, was it another poem? I think at one point he quoted a line from a movie and then proceeds to get down on one hair BUT is stopped by Des. She wants to tell him everything that Drew was gone already, that he was the only one who met her family, you know to allow ABC to fulfill their two hour coverage of the episode. Finally, Chris can get back on one knee and propose and she said yes, a thousand times. 
So alls well that ends well and we can go back to our normal life and wait until January to watch Juan Pablo.


TheTinyHeart said...

That whole episode was very weird and confusing to me. I can't understand how Des could be so heartbroken over Brooks and then like 2 days later accepts a proposal from Chris.

The Tiny Heart

brooke lyn said...

haha ugh Des.... BUT Juan Pablo! yes please.

Cara said...

I'm just a little worried about her whole situation... I feel like she wasn't being true to herself. But again, I understand the situation she was in. She wasn't getting Brooks, he wasn't coming back, so she could either let these 2 amazing guys go who she DID have some connection with, or wallow in her misery alone because of Brooks.

Natalie Hinkley said...

They so gave us the runaround about Brooks! I hope they last and wish them the best, but I don't know if her heart was in it like it should be. Juan Pablo though, that is something to look forward to!

still being [molly] said...

so i'm watching the episode right now on my computer and i am just pretty confused... i mean, i hope it works out!

Ashley R said...

I am actually pretty excited for Juan Pablo :)

Kendall said...

I called Chris out as a #1 player a while back but after the whole Brooks drama, I was convinced he would come back, steal her away and that would be it. I kept waiting for Brooks to appear instead of of Drew or Chris but in the end, I thought it was a beautiful proposal and hope it will last, who doesn't want that for someone?

Leslie said...

I think Des is a little confused and really insecure about who she is and what she wants. Her family (brother) is a kinda strange.... Hopefully things will work out ??

Kristin said...

I don't know how you bounce back that fast after having your heart broken, but I wish her the best!