Leather Gift Suggestions!

When it comes to anniversary gifts, Sean and I don't. There I said it plain and simple. A card usually suffices. For Sean and I, we would rather do something than spend the money on getting each other a gift. How do we celebrate anniversaries? It is something we established early on, he plans the odd-numbered anniversary and I plan the even. This weekend is when we will be celebrating our anniversary besides our 99 cent fish taco dinner with red velvet cupcakes for dinner last night. We had red velvet cupcakes at our wedding and we have continued that tradition. Unfortunately, not from our baker for our wedding, she went out of business, but we manage to find red velvet cupcakes somewhere. And yes, we went out for 99 cent fish tacos. I know so fancy and romantic, right? 
If you are more into the traditional gifts then the 3rd anniversary gift is leather. I pulled together a few leather gifts if we were more into the traditional gifts, he would have received yesterday. 

leather anniversary gift suggestions

From top to bottom, left to right there is a cuff link box, a wallet, a basketball cooler, a toiletry kit, a cellphone case, a baseball cooler and a watch. 
For the man in your life, whether husband, fiance, boyfriend, dad or grandpa, you can use these suggestions for their birthday or Christmas gifts. I know don't start talking about Christmas yet but it is July already. Just remember that? 
Next week I'll be sharing what Sean planned for our anniversary and as well as our baby story, how we found out, etc.
Stay tuned!


TheTinyHeart said...

We don't do gifts for our anniversary either. I think it's so cute that you had cheap tacos :) Can't wait to hear about the rest of your celebration!

The Tiny Heart
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Molly Masters-Selten said...

such great gift ideas!
i really love the leather toiletry kit...my BF still throws all of his bottles directly in his suitcase which sometimes as you can imagine gets pretty messy :)

Molly {Dreams in HD}

birdie to be said...

Great picks! Although, I love your odd/even tradition more! What a cute idea!

k8te said...

love this, we're trying to go the traditional route with anniversary gifts (but also keeping it small)... i have to think of something good for cotton in march! excited to hear your baby story!

Anonymous said...

I love that you go against the grain on your anniversary. Those 99 cent tacos sound so yummy! xx. McKenna Lou

Becky K said...

These are gorgeous gifts... thought fish tacos and red velvet sounds like plenty of lavish deliciousness to me!


Kayla Peveler said...

That watch is awesome!!! I'll have to keep these in mind 3 years down the road ;)

Pamela said...

August will be our three anniversary! We normally don't do gifts either. Well, big ones anyways! We're like you, we'd rather go somewhere!

brooke lyn said...

i think it's great that you do things as opposed to buying things. people have too much stuff as it is anyway!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

My husband has the cuff link box and loves it! Since we are coming up on 1 year I wonder what we will do gift wise? Traditional or not I know we eating that cake topper I have been saving in the freezer for over a year!!

Laurie said...

My husband, Ryan, and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary on August 1st. I have been looking for leather gift suggestions since this will be our "leather anniversary"

~ callee ~ said...

One of my cousins and her husband do the same thing you and Sean do with planning their anniversaries. Then, every five years, they renew their vows. I want to do the same when I'm married :-}

I recently got my boyfriend a leather wallet from Saddleback Leather Co for his birthday and he loves it! It has a 100-year guarantee so if he wears it out within that time frame, we can get a brand new one for free!

Can't wait to read your baby story :-}

Alisha said...

Happy anniversary to you both!! I still can't believe y'all are gonna have a baby. Aaaahhh, so exciting! :)

I'm a big fan of Jon Hart leather bags. Brandon has a toiletry bag that has lasted him quite a few years and it still looks really good.

Can't wait to read about the new addition!
Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

Jane said...

i love that idea of switching off in planning for your anniversaries.

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

These are all great ideas! I have the hardest time deciding on a good gift for my hubby. I'll have to remember these!!

Care said...

I agree! Doing stuff - way better then getting stuff! Looks like you had some fun manly gift ideas though:-) hope you loved your anniversary!!