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Madeira is the perfect place to fall in love right?? You betcha! Classic Bachelor/bachelorette opening episode line. Then the random Des hanging out with previous bachelor contests all from Sean's season, yes lets all be best friends after having all competed for the same guy's heart and of course there was sitting Cat, saying, "I won him girls and got a major bling ring from him!"
I love the binocular spying because that isn't obvious at all!
Brooks get the first solo date of the episode. I really hope too Des that both of you are falling in love because isn't that the whole purpose of the show, or suppose to be? Then comes the cheesiest line of the entire episode, welcome to cloud nine and a breakthrough in your relationship. 
This whole season is full of awesome one-liners that should never be repeated again like Chris's fist pump like Tiger Woods. 
Why oh why does every guy want to share their sob story with Des? Oh of course, if it isn't a private concert by some unknown artist then it is a private fireworks show that concluded their date. 
Then Chris gets the next one on one date, which how creatively leads to another poem, I think that is the third poem between them. 
Oh Des they didn't just meet your high school boyfriend, remember they met Sean? Remember that, remember that conversation between Sean and your brother? 
Then Michael fiiinnallly gets his one on one date. Enough said about that date.
Go-karting is a good idea for another awkward two on one date but this time if you don't get a rose, you don't have to leave just yet... then Drew gets the rose.
Des sits down with Chris Harrison and reveals she has fallen in love with... Brooks! But does he feel the same way back? We don't know, which leads us into the rose ceremony and there is a lot of pressure because whoever gets a rose tonight gets to take Des to their hometown because we didn't hear that enough during the episode. Just in case you forgot, the four guys who got the roses last night get to take Des home to meet their families. Are we clear on that? Good!
Michael doesn't continue to float by like he has all season long, Zak W gets the rose. He looks stunned and Zak W looks relieved.
Then Michael calls his mom in the car, yup true story, he called his mom during the car ride of shame.
The end. Until next week...


{The Perfect Palette} said...

Love your recap! I am glad I'm not the only one who notices the repeating and the stupid one liners :)

It's a total train wreck at times - but I just can't look away!

The Perfect Palette

Rachel said...

I couldn't believe she outright admitted to Chris H that she loves Brooks! but then in the preview, she'll supposedly say something to Drew that he was the one. meanwhile Chris is doing so well!
you'll have to read:
Stephen's week 7 lame duck episode ! :)

TheTinyHeart said...

Yep I thought it was awkward that they had the other girls from her season on! I don't think Brooks is in love with Des quite yet and that kinda worries me.

The Tiny Heart

Natalie Hinkley said...

That was too much with the binoculars, lol! I too wonder if Brooks loves Des back...I am eager to see what everyone's families are like though!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally thinking she's going to choose Brooks! I haven't finished the episode yet so I stopped reading, but I love this recap! I'm totally going to check in every Tuesday! haha

Jen said...

I liked Michael. I don't think he was for Des but I really like him. I really can't believe she flat our admitted she's in love with Brooks or rather that ABC didn't edit that out. I guess we'll see what happens.

Ericajt said...

Your first line was funny! They always say that. I also like that you wrote about all the repetition. I think they are running out of material.

A Shopaholic Runner said...

Very glad to see Michael go and I can't wait for the Hometown Dates! It is always my favorite week!

Sarah Alway said...

I always find it so weird/awkward when all the girls become friends and talk in detail about their dates with one another. Too weird for me. But then the ones who don't do it always get called bitches by the others... double edged sword, I guess.

Sarah @ Life As Always