Bachelorette Link-up Bash #3!

Before I dish about last night's episode, next week Stesha of Classic and Bubbly will be hosting the link-up. Both Kasey and I will be on vacation so she has graciously stepped up to host the link-up. I will post a reminder next Tuesday too.

Ok last night's episode! A group date to play dodgeball! Do memories of the girls playing roller derby during Sean's season ring a bell?? By the way Brooks a top knot look only looks great on a sumo wrestler, just sayin... 
Was it really necessary for Chris to come in and instruct them to play against each other now? Maybe he is feeling left out and wanted more air time this season. Then some guys are just not meant to wear short shorts speaking to most of them. 
So the solo date, Kasey, hm.. maybe he should continue the namesake and get a guard your heart tattoo. Oh wait that act is reserved for creepy Brandon!
It was really annoying watching all the guys talk to Desiree and tell her why THEY deserve the rose. Then who suddenly makes a miraculous appearance, Brooks and his broken finger! Brooks looked like why didn't I get the rose? I broke my finger at all, don't I deserve a rose for that? What is really a kicker to Brooks and all the other guys is to have to listen to the private concert that Des and Chris get while slow dancing and sucking face. Lets all say it together awkward!
Before Kasey, we have the infamous boy bachelorette contestant has a girlfriend he has forgot to mention scene! Did you see that lip lick? Totally guilty and totally caught in the act! Then like that bam! Good-bye.
Despite the wind storm, Des still manage to save the rose from being blown away and they still made out? So was it a real loss in the end?
How many guys are really excited to see horses pulling a carriage when you are off on your group date? I mean seriously! I dont have a whole ton to say about the rest of date. Then the pool party but first a car ride with Ben.
Did anyone notice the undershirt Ben wore last night?

Does anyone else recognize it?

Oh Brandon you can come up with a better line to give Des a kiss or maybe wait until she was really feeling it because that look on her face was not a pleasant one.
The rose ceremony - first, Des's dress Sean said yikes! Then I told him she designed it herself and he said don't quit your job day. Brandon is so shocked or as he says smashed by a hammer! I didn't even know who Dan was anyways so I'm ok with him leaving.


Carly said...

What is going on with the weird tank tops they're all wearing??? I thought it was just me!


TheTinyHeart said...

Yep that tank top is super weird...who wears that stuff?! I couldn't believe Brooks passed out from his finger...was it really THAT painful?!

The Tiny Heart
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Alexa said...

Omg Meg. So I don't watch the bachelor (I know...a travesty really) but this post seriously cracked me up. The tank top??! WTF? What is going on there? I'm seriously wanting to get hooked now. Haha. P.S. Hope all is going ok, just read your post from yesterday. Sending you good thoughts friend!

Becky K said...

HAHAHAHHAHAH omg that tank top


Rachel said...

oh, that tank top. they must have the same wardrobe options for all the guys.
Brooks' top knot--ha--not cute!
so glad that Brandon and Brian are gone--less crying, less drama! :)

stephen's week 3 recap really good this week!!

awhite said...

How weird are those tank tops? Haha.

And nice hot pick shorts, homie! :)


Sarah and Stewart said...

Rats, I feel super left out since I'm not watching this season. I'll just fill myself in here instead. :-)

Sarah @ Life As Always

katie ridings said...

lol that looks like a girls tank!!

Natalie Hinkley said...

that tank top is awful! lol I agree, Brooks thought he had that rose in the bag!

Kasey Lynne said...

SO glad that Brandon is finally gone. He was just way too much! He needed to grow a pair.

I'm still a fan of Brooks, even though he wore his hair in that nasty ponytail. And Juan Pablo really surprised me this week. That whole lone ranger deal was so freaking hilarious! I know that Juan Pablo won't go to the end, but I'm going to enjoy him for now.

Care said...

Too funny! Agreed with it all- I totally thought Brandon was "gaurd your heart's" doppelgänger too haha!!