What's for Dessert?

Happy Thursday! Yesterday, I told you I teamed up with the wonderful blog Lynn & Lou for a dinner and dessert combination. To accompany my shrimp and asparagus over cheesy grits, today Lynn & Lou are sharing a mango lime and banana vegan ice cream. 
Sounds absolutely divine doesn't it?

I really enjoy Lynn & Lou's blog because they are real and honest. They have a great sense of style, write posts about DIY and low cost crafts or decorations and they have some delectable treats. 
Take it away girls!

Hello Henning Love Readers! I'm Richelle and I blog over at Lynn + Lou. I was so excited when Meg agreed to team post with me this week. I love her recipes and she is sure to always make my mouth water with her amazing meals.

About two years ago, I discovered that I have allergies to dairy, eggs and soy. Needless to say, this caused a major change in my diet. It sounds like it's pretty complex, but I have really enjoyed discovering new ways to enjoy new foods. I decided that with the warm weather approaching, I should attempt to make vegan ice cream. So I attempted this amazing dish! Mango Lime and Banana Vegan Ice Cream.

You will need the following ingredients: 2 large mangoes (peeled), 1 banana, zest from one lime, 2 TBSP lime juice, 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 3/4 cup honey or agave syrup, and 1 can  of coconut milk.

Place all these items in the blender and pulse. Don't blend too much, you want to have the mixture to be "pulpy." Pour into a freezer-friendly storage container. Let the mixture freeze fully. Use an ice cream scoop to serve. Seriously, super easy! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and make sure to check my sister and I out on Lynn + Lou. Much love to all!

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Kayla said...

Banana and Lime together? Never thought about it but it seems delicious!

Memoirs & Mochas

Leah said...

wow never thought about combining bananas with lime and mango! looks delicious!

Rachel Lawson said...

This looks delish! I'm gonna have to give it a try!


Linda Pili said...

I have to give it a try!!

awhite said...

You have such a positive outlook on your food allergies- I think I would be in a panic! :)

This recipe sounds so yummy- even on this cold and windy day in KC.


Alyssa said...

This looks so yummy! I've never been brave enough to make my own ice cream, but maybe it's time!

Whitney Levash said...

hmmm this is different! :)

Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh that looks so delicious! If only it wasn't ruined with banana! ;-)

helen said...

WOW, this looks so good! you are so creative!! can't wait to try this :)

Stesha Jordan said...

come make me desert pllllllease!!!! I dont know how you are not 1000 lbs my friend!


Rachel O. said...

Mango and banana ice cream?? Yes, please!!

Alexa said...

Yum! Mango is seriously one of my favorite fruits! Will have to give it a try!

Lauren @Simply With A Smile said...

That looks so good!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

It's a mix of some fruits I never would have thought of but yet sounds so refreshing and delicious!

Gemma said...

Yummy! That ice cream has a really nice color and looks so tasty to me! :-) Now that it's getting warmer it's the perfect time to start practising with the ice cream machine I bought last summer.