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Thursday and today is the day that my parents come in for a quick visit, head north for a few days then come back to hang out with Sean and I. I am definitely for sure looking forward to seeing them, I miss my parents a lot and wish we had opportunities to see them more frequently.
Today is another installation of the hometown series. 

I hope none of you think I am overdoing this, but I love to travel, traveling has always been a huge part of my life and I love learning about new cities and I hope that whenever of you travel to any of the cities posted about you can visit some of the places mentioned! For the past two installments we were in California and now we are heading to the great state of Texas. Personally, I am dying to one day visit Texas, I have heard amazing things about that state and just hoping to go one day! 
Take it over Lia!

Hi ya'll! I'm Lia Joy and I blog over at life is aMAYESing! I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas with my sweet husband, but I've only been a Fort Worth resident for about 3 years. The other twenty-something years of my life were spent in Bryan, Texas, where I was born and raised!

I've really enjoyed reading about different people's hometowns courtesy of Meg's blog! And though Bryan isn't as exciting as some other cities are {Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, etc.} it's my hometown and I'm proud to call it home. Maybe you'll find something intriguing enough to entice you to visit!
About 65,000 people reside in Bryan. Though it's a decent sized town, it has a fairly small town feel. Bryan's real claim to fame would be that it is the "sister" city to College Station, Texas... The home of Texas A&M University. {I am a proud graduate of Texas A&M!}
Bryan/College Station is about 90 miles north of Houston, about 90 miles east of Austin and about 180 miles south of Dallas/Fort Worth.

If you were to come visit me in Bryan, there would be a lot of places I would take you...

First things first, I would take you to A&M's campus. It's huge and it's beautiful.
yep, that's not even all of it... via
Once on campus, we would visit {to name a few}:

The Memorial Student Center {MSC}
currently under construction, but this is what it will look like
Kyle Field

Bonfire Memorial
I would explain the greatness that is Bonfire...

{if you don't know what I'm talking about, read here.}

After we're done walking through campus, we'd head across University Drive to Northgate and hit up the Dixie Chicken for the best hamburger and cheese fries around. And maybe play a couple games of 42.
A few other places that we would go:

Of course if you come visit my hometown, I would have to take you to my absolute favorite restaurant of all time... Wings N More! Even if you're not a fan of buffalo wings {although, their wings are the best!}, this place has the best of everything! Not only is the food great, but they have the best margaritas in town! And I may or may not have worked there for 3 years during college!

Depending on the time of the year, we could head to Downtown Bryan for the Texas Reds Festival. {Usually sometime in October}
If it's a nice day, maybe we'd head out to Lake Bryan and hit up the Lakeside Icehouse.
There's always great live music playing!
From March to mid-June(ish) the best crawfish in town can be found at The Tap!

Don't like crawfish? The Tap has a full menu! And the night life is always a go at The Tap! From karaoke night to piano bar to live music. There's always something going down!

Last, but certainly not least, if it was around the end of March/beginning of April, we'd head a few miles outside of town to Snook, Texas for Chilifest... The most amazing country music fest ever.
sometimes things like this happen at Chilifest...
front and center for Willie Nelson (yes, I did take this picture)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my hometown!

Have you planned your trip to Bryan/College Station yet? {Warning, if it's a Aggie football game weekend, there will be NO available hotels}

Thanks, Meg, for allowing me to share my hometown! Come say hi over at life is aMAYESing!

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Megan said...

How fun! I wish I could spend more time with my parents as well.. unfortunately we're living on opposite sides of the country right now, so our visits are few and far between but we talk on the phone almost daily :)

Meg Cady said...

SOOOO I just cried a little reliving the best 4 year of my life in a blog post... I miss my home sweet College Station/Bryan.
MSC: lived there... litterally spent the night SEVERAL times
Kyle Field... I mean who doesnt have good memeories there (cough cough midnight yell)
Messina Hoff: LOVE their wine... and the tour :)
Chili Fest: Ugh I plead the 5th ;)

Thanks Lia Joy for letting me relive some of my favorite years... WHOOP! '11

Lia Joy said...

YAY! Thanks for letting me guest post, Meg! Reading this post over and over really makes me miss home!

Samantha said...

Loved this post! Looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to visit Texas (especially after seeing the hometown dates espisode on The Bachelor this season!)


PS. Giveaway today!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Another great hometown post! Love!! The photos are so great! Going over to her blog now!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

CALLIE said...

Ummmm must go here asap... Winery, Football, Wings, Crawfish, Willie.... Can I come tomorrow ha?

CALLIE said...

P.S. My Little Meglet, I left you a little award on my blog today, if you would like to play along :)

Thanks for being such a great supporter of my blog and such a great friend!

Amy G. said...

Whoop to Bryan-College Station! Seriously, all of those places are amazing so anyone who finds themselves there should look around! Great post LJ!

Lindsey said...

My hometown! Loved reading this!

Ruthie Hart said...

WHOOP!!! I went to college in Aggieland! Gig em Aggies!

Beverly said...

love this posting... who doesn't love a town that's surrounded by football?!?! I'm in a small town in Oregon who is ride or die Oregon State Football!! Love the spirit ;)

I awarded you the sunshine award simply b/c I adore reading your blog. Check out today's post when you have a sec! Xoxo

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Mmm....wings! Only been to TX once briefly and it was Houston but these different bloggers from TX are encouraging me to head south more!

Meg, have fun w/ your rents!

Leslie said...

Love these hometown posts!! What a great idea...I can't wait to read more!
I second what Lia Joy said...Dixie Chicken has the best cheese fries and I love Mesina Hof Winery :)

Alexa said...

Yay for your parents coming to visit! And I love her picture of Willie Nelson...she was up front and center for sure!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

My grandpa went to Texas A&M and is a HUGE fan!! So fun seeing your city!

REBrown said...

That winery looks awesome!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Texas is looking like so much fun right about now! Food and football? I'm sold!

christine donee said...

Some of my very best friends went to aggieland for school.. I visited Bryan quite a few times.. and I loved it every time!

Tales of an HBS Wife said...

My husband will be spending the summer in Houston, so thanks for lots of ideas of places we can visit in Texas!

Jamie said...

Hope you have fun with your parents! And Texas looks like the place to be, the barrels inside of the restaurant were just gorgeous, I love all of the festivals that take place!