From My Hometown to Yours - Cynthia of The Adventures of Team Pancakes

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Today I have another blogger contributing to the From My Hometown to Yours series.

Today Mrs. Pancakes is show me and you around her home town of Washington, D.C., our nation's capital (cue patriotic music or hail to the chef now!) Take it away Cynthia!

Hello lovely readers of Henning Love.  I am Mrs. Pancakes from The Adventures of Team Pancakes.
Thank you to your lovely host, Meg for having me today.  I honestly believe Meg has one of the best profile pictures in all of blogland.  And when you visit her blog you realize right away that her spirit and genuiness is as sweet as she looks and is!  I have always wanted to tell you that Meg! Now i can get on with showing you around my hometown of Washington, DC.  Honestly there are lots to see in DC, Meg, but since you are only here for a short trip (and i don't want to overload your readers with pictures), i will show you some of the must spots to visit.

I would most likely pick you up from one of three airports since you are coming from afar..Reagan, BWI or Dulles.  As soon as you caught your breathe and had a hearty Team Pancakes' breakfast of pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon at home, we would begin the sightseeing.

Because seriously no one makes a better breakfast than Team Pancakes!

There will be a lot of walking Meg so i would have reminded you to bring your most comfortable walking shoes.  
We will catch the metro (train) and of course i would give you the iconic DC Metro map (just because everyone that comes here has to have one.  

 We would get off at Union Station (link: http://www.unionstationdc.com) and head towards the National mall.  Along the way you will see many buildings like Capitol Hill and other important government buildings.   We will walk across the National mall (link:http://www.nationalmall.org/nationalmall.php) which you will come to know is basically a series of lawns, meusums and memorials.  

If you came during the Spring, we would go to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival (link:   http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/)

Here are some important buildings i would make sure to point out.  I'm sure you've heard of these before.

The National Monument.

 (the Vietnam Veterans Memorial)

We would continue the long walk to see the Lincoln Memorial..i promise though the view is worthwhile!  See i told you!

The Lincoln Memorial was definitely a must see...oh and while you are here...i would suggest you take fun pictures like these; looks like you're holding the monument in your hand!  

We would walk back towards the Tidel Basin to see the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial. 

After this we would walk over to 14th St. NW to see the White House.

After all this walking and sightseeing, we would probably grab some sushi which is my favorite...hope you like sushi too.  We would head on over to Hoang's Grill & Sushi in Falls Church, Virginia.  Affordable and delicious.

The following day we would do the museums in DC.  There are so many to choose so we would go to ones you found interesting.  

After another long day, we would head over to the Nats game (DC Nationals-baseball team). And enjoy some amazing chicken fingers and fries (really they are delicious). 

There has been a lot of eating but just so you get in some extra physical activity (as if the walking was not enough), 
we would probably go for a run because DC has many beautiful scenery for running!  I am also training for a half-marathon so this would definitely be awesome.
Just before you leave to return home, we would go to Georgetown Cupcakes to pick up some goodies...
you cannot come to DC without having some sweets! Hope you enjoy the goodies!

I sincerely hope you had enjoyed your visit here in DC. Again there are so much to see in my part of the country so i do hope you return soon!

Ok Cynthia, I have been dying to go to Georgetown Cupcakes so thank you for taking me there on this trip! I loved everything about this trip, so much to do and see in D.C. that is for sure! Thank you again for participating in this series. 


Elle said...

love this series! so fun. the washington monument is my absolute fav!

birdie to be said...

Fabulous pictures! I definitely want to go!

Nicole said...

HI HI HI!!! SO glad to "meet" you! Have a great week!

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Mrs Pancakes, you're fron DC? I wish I had of known that! Bummer! I was just in DC for the week for work; wish I could have met up with you. I love DC in the fall; it's so gorgeous. What a fabulous place to live!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Thanks Meg for allowing me to take you around DC. a little. There is so much to do and see in and around the area!!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

These are wonderful pictures! I sure could use a Georgetown Cupcake right about now! I have been meaning to get to DC, to of my long time friends live out there! Thanks for introducing me to another fabulous blogger!

Amanda said...

I love the DC area! Her tour would be perfection :) I've seen all these spots before, but I would definitely want to go back!

Denise Pacurar said...

Those Georgetown cupcakes look yummy!!!! Thanks for the tour!!! I feel like I was right there too :) Now I know a little more about DC

xoxo Denise


Alexa said...

Oh I love DC and I love her blog! Great post...can't wait to go back!

Savvy Gal said...

I love cherry blossoms.

BeckyJo606 said...

DC is such a great city! I really loved my time interning there. It was such a great experience and the city is so wonderful and busy all of the time! :)

Kandice said...

i <3 washington dc!

i went there when i was in elementary school and can still remember it vividly. we walked EVERYWHERE and saw all the sights possible (but probably not haha)

cool post! and really cool series!

Sunny & Star said...

Wonderful pictures. It looks like an amazing time in DC. Next time I am in DC I think I will model my trip after your time there.

Simply LKJ said...

So neat to see as my brother is working at the Pentagon (living in VA). Love this series!!

Nikki said...

I am seriously jealous we don't have a metro. I need to move to a cooler city.

erica marie said...

So fun, brings back memories of visiting my sis in D.C.

xo erica

Lauren said...

oh I love Mrs. Pancakes...and I would love to go back to DC, 12 years ago when I was a sophomore in HS is too long ago!

Lizzy said...

Such a great tour! I've seen all the monuments and museums...next time I'm going back for the food :)

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Love DC! What a great tour! I have been dying to go to Georgetown cupcakes too!

REBrown said...

So fun! My college roommate lives in DC now so I must take a trip up there. It's been since my 4th grade field trip since I've been up there.

Ashley Slater said...

love her and love her blog! such a great guest post! I love reading about dc!

PAPS said...

Very nicely introduced. I was in DC this summer for 7 weeks and did all this and it was really interesting and educational for the kids. Hope you get the time to visit my blog too.

The Presutti's said...

I loved this post and I want some Georgetown Cupcakes too!