Living in Japanese Series - Friday Fancies

Happy Friday all!! Yippee and the even greater news that it is Friday is that this is a three day weekend, yah for Monday off! I decided I would still participate in Friday Fancies this week but of course with a Japanese twist, a kimono!
I was asked this question yesterday:  Did you wear kimonos when you lived there???and my answer is below!
The kimono that I selected is for winter time. The heavier the kimono the colder the temperatures are. I wore a kimono once, my mom used to teach English to Japanese women, and through the school she taught they had a day of interacting with native speakers during a lunch hour. It happened during the week of spring break, and my mom was informed that if my sister and I were able to attend, they would dress us up in the kimono. So we did! It was a great experience but man is that kimono very heavy to wear actually! There is just so many layer upon layer. One important thing to note about the kimono is that curves are not appreciated when wearing the kimono, so hand towels were rolled up and placed alongside my waist to give the look of being not curves. 
The heaviest part of the kimono is the back, because of the huge tie called the obi. My back was killing me at the end of the day. Another thing to note about the kimono for women is the length of the sleeves indicates if she is single or married. The longer sleeves means she is single and shorter, she is taken. Without further a due, my Friday Fancies Japanese edition!

japanese kimono

The hair is an important part of the kimono, so that is why I included a hair stick. A fan is a necessity too because with all those layers, it can be easy to start sweating or overheat. I will post later today to answer all the questions I was asked this week!


Cathy said...

So pretty! and I had no idea about the sleeve length or their aversion to curves. Do you have a picture of you wearing the kimono?

Have a great weekend!

Camylla Leonardi said...

I love that outfit! I had a teacher that went to japan and brought back shoes that looks like those. They were not very confortable!

Lauren said...

I think kimonos are just sooo beautiful! I can't imagine wearing one at all, but I love to look at them :)

birdie to be said...

So fabulous! I love how bright kimonos are!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

How cool Meg!! Such a great idea to keep the series going with Friday's Fancies!! Love the outfit!


Stephanie said...

How fun! They are so beautiful!