Newest family member

Introducing our newest dog Kimbia (which means run in Kenyan). Since Kip is named after a famous Kenyan runner, Kip Keino, we had to keep the trend going. Getting another dog has been a discussion floating around in our household and we finally found one who would get along with Kip, adorable and energetic. Here she is!

Kimbia is about 1.5 years old and is a Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound mix. We found her through Craiglist actually and introduced Kip, our first dog to her a few times before we brought her home. 
Her former owner had a 2 year old daughter and was unfortunately going through a divorce, so she just didn't have the time it took to care of and exercise Kimbia so we adopted her! By adopted I mean keep forever.
Here are a few more photos of her and Kip! Can't leave him out :-)

Waiting patiently as I make the pie

Did I overwhelm you slightly? Sorry if I did, just can't help it when it comes to my adorable and sweet puppies! I still call them that time to time even though technically they aren't the age of puppies anymore. I just wish I could have known Kimbia as a puppy, she must have been the sweetest. Kip was adorable but definitely a handful like all puppies over. But we have given a good home to Kimbia, and this is her third home actually and at such a young age, poor thing. She was given to an adoption shelter by her original owner, then the owner we just bought her from had her from October 2010 then we are the third home this poor girl has and she is here to stay!
Welcome to the Henning household Kimbia, you better be a good girl!


Natalie said...

They are so cute, they have the sweetest little faces! These pictures are giving me puppy fever -- I want one!

Stephanie said...

Adorable!!! We have a beagle/jack russell mix named Wilma. I'm so happy we adopted her 2 years ago!

Meg {henninglove} said...

hi natalie, puppy faces are definitely the sweetest and it is hard to say no to them at times

hi stephanie i would love to see a picture of wilma and i love her name!

Kaycie said...

Aww, how precious are they?! I would LOVE a puppy.Maybe when we move somewhere that allows pets :)