Guest Post -- Candace of Together for the Better

How fun would life be to live on an island? Today you are blessed by the presence of Candace of Together for the Better. She is sweet, and not to mention gorgeous. You can tell from her blog that she and her husband truly love each other and just happy where they are at in life because they have each other. Hope everyone is doing great, I'm sad my vacation is coming to an end, I truly need this break. Talk to everyone soon!

Hi there, I'm Candace from together for the better!
I'm so excited to be guest posting for Meg today!
I wasn't exactly sure what to write about, so I just decided to let you all in on what life in Hawaii is like. 
Cause come on, who doesn't love Hawaii? 
I've lived on the island of Oahu for two years now.
My husband and I met out here while attending school together.

When people hear that I live in Hawaii, this is the picture that usually comes to mind...

And if that picture is anything like you imagined Hawaii to be, then you're dead on.
The main difference in living in Hawaii and vacationing in Hawaii is that when you actually live here you don't have the freedom of no-responsibilities unfortunately.  
But even with work and school, I find time to enjoy this beautiful island.
Some of my favorite things to do in Hawaii involve...

Eating acai bowls. Seriously, these things are heavenly.  Acai ice cream (or sorbet maybe??) topped with honey, granola, and berries.  Drooling yet? Cause I am. 

Playing at the beach

Watching the sunset

Hiking to beautiful waterfalls

And just running around the island visiting our favorite towns.

So there you have it, my home in Hawaii.
My husband and I live a pretty simple life here, but we absolutely love it.
It's looking like we'll probably be leaving the island in a year, once I graduate.
But whether we stay or leave, I feel so lucky to be able to live on this beautiful island, even for just a little while. 

If you're interested in following a long with my and my husband's adventures in Hawaii, 
stop by my blog and say hello!
Thanks again for having me Meg!


Kelsey said...

I have never been to Hawaii, but have always wanted to. Living on the island looks absolutely beautiful and acai bowls sound delicious. Do you find that the food is really expensive? I have always wondered, because I spend quite a bit of time at the grocery store :)

Allison said...

I have never been to hawaii but I would love to go!!

Val said...

Such a great guest post. I love Hawaii.

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Great post Candace!

Danielle said...

I've never been, but the island looks simply gorgeous! Just as I have imagined :)

how to make a website said...

I have never been to Hawai so thanks for posting.

Barnes and Noble nook said...

Aside from the beauty of Hawaii, understanding of their language and culture is one of the things i's like to learn more and know more.