Favorite beauty products!

Beauty products, dang you, have sucked me in from spending my money on other things like shoes or purses or clothes, oh screw it I just spend money on all those things in general. Recently, however, I have taken a good interest in beauty products or expanding from what was my standard go to products to branching out and trying different products.
Here are my standard go to products that are used pretty much on a daily basis and I don't drift away from buying anything different, why because they work so well for me!

Curling iron
Conair, heats up so quickly and my hair really holds the curl
Body Wash
Here are some products that I change up from time or time or have recently found and now love! They are definitely a staple in my beauty product line-ups now!

I love blush and if I am having a minimal makeup, I always at least put a little blush on. These are a few of my favorites.
Shade: Orgasm

Shade: Laughter

Shade: Fruit Cocktail
I have never really been able to find a lip shade that I was extremely happy with, nor do I feel like I know what colors suit me best but these are two that I usually pretty regularly. I was especially interested in the Smashbox because it comes out clear and then transforms into a custom pink color, so everyone's color would be slightly different. Have anyone of you ever tried it?

Shade: Rosy Glow
Newest Favorite Hair Product:
Alterna Bamboo Brilliance Creme
Ok this product is truly my newest favorite, why because I put a little bit of creme on the ends of my hair and it holds the curl, it makes my ends look more full and it smells good. Man I go continue to rave about this product. I got a small sample at Sephora and couldn't pass the opportunity up to stop using it so I bought a whole tube. My hair just feels stronger, my hair doesn't grow limp after a full day, wow do I love it!
Has anyone ever tried any of these products? Did you like them or did you have to pass? 
Quickly posting dinner last night, when it is hump day and you are just dying for the weekend, what makes life a little bit better, macaroni and cheese! Then we have to add a healthy side dish so grilled zucchini. My Sean brought home a huge zucchini from work so that is why the slices are extra large. 
To prepare the zucchini, I sprinkled some olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic over them and grilled them each side for a few minutes. Enjoy!

Yum! homemade mac and cheese with grilled zucchini
Also I have been a a bit of a funk this week, not sure exactly why or what the cause of it is but I thank each of you for all your wonderful comments on my posts, I certainly look forward to connecting more with you and sharing a bit of my life and hoping you will do the same in return with me. 
Any thoughts on how to get out of a funk?


Stephanie said...

The zucchini & mac and cheese looks great!

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box said...

HI! :-) I LOVE the "blonde" shampoo! :-)

Erin said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been in a funk this week! My favorite remedies are to either listen to really loud 80's-ish or soundtrack music in the car by myself or I also recently took an iced coffee, nailpolish & a book up to the pool and had a few "me" hours :) A run or a spinning class also helps me shake off a funk - oh yeah, and funny movies, too! Hope you feel better!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

I love sheer blonde products too. Their hairspray is great and pretty inexpensive.

Hmm, how to get out of a funk.......chocolate?!

Jenni said...

TO get out of a funk plan a fun night...get all dresed up cute and go out to eat. That or go for a run to clear your head....and then go out! =) I am intrigued with the shampoo and conditioner you listed...may have to check those out! I too use a cheapy Conair curling iron....it works great! Loved reading your fun list!

Jenni said...

Oh, and if all else fails, retail therapy works wonders! =)

Becca said...

I love Sheer Blonde products too! I just purchased a Conair curling iron too. I'm still getting used to it(I'm not really good at curling my hair). But chocolate and/or a good run usually help me feel better. Hope you feel better!!


Kara {A Little Bit of Lovely} said...

I too love Sheer Blonde products & Nars Orgasm blush! I just sauteed zucchini the other night and it was sooo good, but that grilled zucchini with mac & cheese looks delish!

Lindsay said...

I've never heard of that Smashbox lip gloss but that is so cool! I can never seem to find the exact right shade of pink and it's so annoying. Might have to look into that next time I'm in the market for a gloss!

Grilled zucchini? YUM!

Tara said...

Nars Orgasm is the best!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I LOVE steamed and grilled zucchini!! and I have that Nars blush!! Just enough shimmer and color to make your cheeks pop! ;)

natasha {schue love} said...

Love the Nars blush and that zucchini looks super yummy!

Meg {henninglove} said...

hi tara, drew and natasha, nars is the best isn't it? love it, it creates such a nice coloring! thanks for stopping by and commenting. hope you all have a nice weekend! meg