Visiting with these two lovely people!

Dancing at my wedding
These two adorable people are my parents and yes they are still very much in love after 31 years of marriage. While I don't get to see them as often as I wish, since they live in another state, this weekend my Sean and I will be hanging out with them and I couldn't be more looking forward to seeing them!


Jenni said...

That's such a sweet picture! Hope you have a happy 4th with your family!

M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans said...

Have a wonderful weekend and fourth with your parents!

Also, my first masters was in special education and my next one is in classroom technology but I am debating maybe looking into the area of being a guidance counselor or maybe Learning Consultant. The consultant would allow me to work on my own too if needed. Thanks for asking! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

Hi Jenni, yes I definitely think it is a great picture of them. thanks for stopping by!

Hi M, hope you have great 4th weekend as well! I didn't know there is a Masters for classroom technology, good luck if you study that or choose guidance counselor. what do you want to do with your masters degree?