One of my most treasured possessions is my passport

One thing you must know about me is I love to travel and pretty much have been doing it all my life. I was born in Japan, even though I am not Japanese, attribute my birth place to my dad serving in the Air Force. Obviously being born on an island, you either have to leave by plane or boat. So I have pretty much had a passport all my life. We moved back to Japan during the beginning of my freshman year in high school, so passport once again. My passports (yes I have had multiple ones already) have had stamps in from the countries of South Korea (twice), the Philippines, Australia, Saipan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy (twice), the Czech Republic and Hungary. Next month, I get to add some more stamps as mentioned in my post on Tuesday when I go on my cruise with my husband's side of the family, plus it will be our one year wedding anniversary (already!?, wow).

My passport is very meaningful to me because I showed where I have been in this world so far and it has stamps to prove the experiences I have and the friends I have made. My passport and my friends around the world are a picture of my childhood and how I was raised. I consider myself a person who loves to learn about other cultures, what their food is like, what their customs are like and how they celebrate events like weddings. Anyways I know this post is a bit more depth about me and I am just very excited to go on the cruise next month in the Caribbean because it allows me to do one of the things I love the most, put more stamps in my passport. This trip however will be marked in a brand new passport because I took my husband's last name when we got married last year. So it will marks a new stage of my life, traveling with a husband! I love that my husband is so open to traveling and experiencing new cultures as well. That was a major bonus when we were dating, if he wasn't, yes it would have been a deal breaker (sorry, hon). I enjoy traveling, but I enjoy traveling that much more because I get to experience new countries and cultures with my husband, my best friend and love of my life. With all that said, I am ending this post on a fashion and surface level note, with some cute outfits I designed for this cruise on Polyvore. Hope you enjoy! Tell me where have you traveled to and what are some of your favorite traveling memories?

cruise outift

airplane outfit
This is my traveling outfit, gotta be comfy on a plane and slip-ons are perfect for removing at airport security


natasha {schue love} said...

Just loving the ikat maxi dress! Great finds here! Thanks so much for stopping by! Always fun to meet new friends! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

hi natasha, thanks for stopping by! the dress is from forever 21, i am tempted to swing by a store this weekend and pick it up myself. i love meeting new friends as well, keep in touch :-)