Feeling a little bit country...

Sometimes I wonder if I was suppose to be born and raised in a farm, wearing cowgirl boots and looking all cute in western outfits. During high school, I DID NOT like country music at all. You see we lived in Tokyo, Japan during all four years of high school and the only English radio stations we had were broad casted from the military base on one night a week, it was Wednesday nights was country night. I refused to listen on Wednesday, refused! 

Then when I went to college that all changed. Even so much that my first ever concert was a Rascal Flatts concert (remember that Laura)! Now on my radio stations I pretty much always tune into the local country radio stations. Some of the best night sin my opinion are country line dancing over at the local place called Montana's. It is so fun to get a group of friends and dance your cares away to the tune of Alan Jackson, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, great times! My Sean and I joined another couple and took an eight week class to learn some more of the line dancing, which reminds me gotta go son to keep up my dancing skills! Sorry this post is a bit random and scattered but I will be sharing some of my favorite songs as of late and creating some outfits :-)

Currently some of the country groups I love are Sugarland, Jason Aldean and Chris Young.
I love this following song by Jason Aldean called Dirt Road Anthem.
followed by Stick Like Glue by Sugarland

and my newest favorite Chris Young singing Tomorrow (although I am not particularly keen about the sleeping with his girlfriend one last time before he breaks up with her tomorrow without her knowing, ugh!)

Now for the outfits to accompany some of these wonderful songs!

western wear
Outfit for a night at a bar or dance hall
western wear!
 Outfit for a casual day

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Susan said...

Ok, so first of all I love your blog! When I stumbled on this post I was like, ahh this is so me! I didn't like country at first, and now like you I'm hooked. Like you said, it was definitely college that did it to me! And all of those songs are fantastic!

Sorry that you wrote this post so long ago and I just found it now! But I love those outfits too!