Dedicated to my favorite summer things

I know it isn't officially summer yet, only 18 more days but who is counting and yet strangely enough here in sunny southern California it certainly doesn't feel like June 3, where is the heat? Don't take me wrong the weather is gorgeous, clear skies, the sun is certainly shining but I want warmer weather for me to wear all my cute summer dresses and shorts even. However, I know I will be regretting that statement when the heat seems to drag into fall, and fall is just as hot as summer was, relentless. 

Anyways, I do love all things summer, a condo with central air conditioning, I have lived in too many places either without central air or no air conditioning at all and it doesn't make for a very happy Meg. That aside the other things of summer I love are bbqs, watermelon, lots, and lots of ice cream(but my Sean and I eat it year around), fun cute summer outfits, reason to get a pedicure more frequently, fireworks, and baseball games to name a few. 

By tonight, I will have accomplished two of my favorite summer activities, purchased a mini watermelon during my lunch break and will be enjoying a baseball game with friends tonight and oh at the game, the promotional deal is $1 so that means $1 hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches and soda. So if you truly are counting, I will have three summer activities in one day if you include the ice cream!

 Let me tell you about my love for watermelon, it is unquenchable, even though watermelon is apparently 92% water, thank you very much wikipedia! I wait all year round for this glorious fruit and can eat and eat and eat it and never grow try it out. You don't understand my disappointment when I pick what I believe is a great watermelon and I cut it open and it is either unripe or too ripe. Ugh, my watermelon loving heart sinks with a loud thud! I love the sound of when I take that first cut into the watermelon, move my knife slightly, take another hack at opening it up and the weight of the watermelon takes over, and the sound of the rind dividing into two pieces because of its own weight, it makes my heart sing. Then before I do anything else, I take my knife and go right for that central piece literally called the heart of the watermelon. It is the juiciest, and sweetest piece and I will be selfish and have it all to myself! Then I gorge on the rest of the fruit, the yummy, thirst quenching, succulent fruit! When we lived in Japan, this fruit known as suika すいか is definitely celebrated as summer item. Heck, the Japanese even got so inventive to make the watermelons fit in their smaller than American sized refrigerators, they grow watermelons in a box to make them a cube shape. Now that is innovative. Check out the photo of the cubed watermelon

Now feast your eyes on this yummy fruit that I am sorry I spent way too long talking about, thanks for hanging in there with me. What summer things do you love and look forward to during the other three months of the year?

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