Oil Me Up Tuesday - Stress Away

This is my essential oils series. The previous installments are about lemonthievesfrankincense,valorpeace and calmingpurificationlavender,peppermintjoy, panaway and a post on how essential oils can replace your medicine cabinet.

Today is the last installment of the Everyday Oils Kit that comes in the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils and this oil given the name, Stress Away, is self explanatory. Stress Away comes with a roller ball attachment so you can just unscrew the cap and then swipe this great oil across your wrists, back of your neck, and temples and feel the tension, feel the stress and feel the anxiety quickly leave your body and you are left with feeling peace and calm. 

Everyone deals with stress, everyone! It is unavoidable and stress is always present in our world. How you choose to deal with stress is up to you but for me when my moments of stress come, I can't think straight. My thoughts become clouded and at times stress causes me to not act and just freeze up. However, that stops today and that stops when I put on my Stress Away essential oil. 
I love Stress Away for when those days seem long when I wish that 5pm was an appropriate bedtime to put my son down for the evening. I love Stress Away for the new mom anxieties I have been experiencing. 

With a combination of lime and vanilla with a few other essential oils in this blend, Stress Away is an instant pick me up from the smell alone. 
From work pressures to life stresses, I will deal with them with my Stress Away essential oil. How will you deal with the stresses you deal with every day?


  1. Love my StressAway! It's really one of my favorite smells! I love it :)

  2. Girl, I could use something to de-stress right about now! This week is crazy and it's only Tuesday! Yikes! :)


  3. That's so awesome! Still so curious how this stuff works?!

  4. Step 1, pour into fire hydrant outside of my house. Step 2, spray directly on house, cars, and said inhabitants (excluding animals). Step 3, continue to repeat until all stress is finally gone. Gotta work, right!?

  5. Oh how I need this.... Thanks for reminding me how much I love and miss oils.

  6. i use young living, too! gosh, oils are so great for stress, aren't they! love it, girly!!


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